enjoy what you are doıng. provıde a good experıence. have a supportıve team.

enjoy what you are doıng. provıde a good experıence. have a supportıve team.
Mesut Bilgili
Castle Builder
My job is to connect the dots. Very simple. But when you have connected enough of them, you end up with complex structures. Then you have to figure out how to navigate through. I do this by looking at things as three dimensional relationships. Everything effects everything else, and you find yourself in a puzzle.This is where the fun begins. It's like a game. The better you do it, the more complicated the questions become. You should remind yourself, all you need to do is to connect the dots. Very simple.
Danielle Levasseur
Research & Development
Chief Brainstorming Officer. Danielle loves libraries. Prefers words like ideation. A historian with fifteen years of banking experience, she has a fresh take on researching new subjects and developing models.
Experience Designer
A podcast host, prolific author and public speaker, Claus Raasted has been designing participatory experiences for almost a quarter of a century and is one of the world's leading experts on participatory experience design. He's the author of 28 books on the subject and is a TEDx speaker who has lectured at Disney Imagineering.
Savaş Üskent
Crises Management
Captain Savaş Üskent is a graduate of a Naval Defence University. His naval air services have included: Pilot in Command, Instructor, Test Pilot and Echelon Commander. Throughout his career, he has received intensive training. After retiring from Turkish Airlines as a senior captain, he presently serves as an aviation strategy advisor and risk management expert.
Creative Consultant
Anna studied pedagogy, economics and music at the University of Tomsk, the University of Oklahoma and the University of Frankfurt.
She likes to explore innovation in music and creative processes with more than 250 contemporary composers. As a former employee in a high-tech company and an Internet start-up, she has been passionate about developing innovative concepts since 2005.
Frances Vieras Blanc
Marketing Expert
This latina powerhouse is a creative professional with over 25 years of experience in the arts and entertainment industry. Frances is also the co-founder of an all women-run experience design studio dedicated to redefining the experience of storytelling and audience engagement. She has a passion for creating rich and dynamic storyworlds that conjure curiosity and inspire play. Her motto is: story is everywhere!